Q: What is Skinny Tea Girl Detox?

Skinny Tea Girl Detox is expertly formulated with a blend of 10 superfood teas, herbs, and berries designed to energize the body, kick start metabolism, and release toxins. Help burn calories at a faster rate. Our signature blend contains natural metabolism boosters which help your body get rid of those pesky extra pounds. Fight bloating, Our all-natural blend promotes healthy digestion, helps your body shed water weight, and relieve uncomfortable bloating in your belly. Release toxins- Skinny Tea Girl Detox contains powerful antioxidants that help flush out harmful toxins and fight damage to your cells.

Q: How to make it?

Bring 8 oz. of water to a boil and steep the tea bag for 5-7 minutes, then enjoy! You can also have our skinny detox tea over ice if you prefer, and still get the same benefits.

Q: When will I see results?

The majority of our customers see results in just 2-4 weeks! When paired with a healthy diet and light exercise, they’ve noticed a trimmer tummy, more energy, and less bloating. As always, be sure drink plenty of water and be mindful of your dietary choices when kicking off any new healthy lifestyle change.

Q: Will this tea make me go to the bathroom?

Not this detox!! Skinny Tea Girl does not contain Senna leaves, a common ingredient in other detoxes that causes cramping and laxative effects.

Q: What's all the good stuff in Skinny Tea Detox?

Skinny Tea Detox includes: Sencha Green Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Guarana, Dandelion Leaf, Ginseng Leaf, Milk Thistle, Yerba Mate, Nettle Leaf, Lemongrass, & Goji Berries.

Q: When do I drink it?

For the best results, we recommend drinking Skinny Tea Girl 1-2 times a day. You can drink it before, during, or after a meal, whatever works best for you! Skinny Tea Girl Detox is formulated to provide energy, and it's effective! So it’s best to drink it in the morning or early afternoon.

Q: Does this have caffeine?

Yes, Skinny Tea Girl contains approximately 18 mg of caffeine per tea bag. This is a relatively small amount when compared to green or black teas which have anywhere from 30-50 milligrams, and coffee which has about 95 milligrams per cup. It still gives you a subtle boost of energy, just without jitters or the 2 o’clock crash.

Q: How long does shipping takes?

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Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: Yes! We ship worldwide. 

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Q: How do I order on your website?

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Q: What type of payment method do you accept?

A: We accept, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal and Bank Transfer through Paypal

Q: Does Skinny Tea Girl provide a quality guarantee for all the products being sold?

A: Absolutely! If you do not like the product or find damages to the product, contact us immediately! We do all we can to ensure your best shopping experience. You can simply contact us and we'll get it addressed!

Q: Do you offer a refund if I don't like the product?

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Q: Can I cancel my order?

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